A myriad thoughts  once swirled in mind’s space
Yet they settled quietly without any trace
In quiet admiration where our mere words fail
We must in awe narrate our Sherpa’s tale

In the rarefied atmosphere of  Lord Shiva’s abode
Our Sherpas braved all and majestically strode
Ably led by Wangchu Sherpa on his Kailash Kora 119
There were his novices too who were just as fit and fine

Oh of what sterner stuff these men are made
That we mere mortals for their lungs would trade
Ever with a cheerful smile that adorns their face
They had banished their fatigue without a trace

Early they rose early to serve us both breakfast and tea
Their passion for early service beaming for all to see
Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner  provided on the dot
Their  above and beyond  care  we would at all times

While we Yatrikas took time to gather our pace
The Sherpas ran their admirable workaholic race
There were scores of errands we asked each day
Yet not a sign of protest nor a word they’d say

A Kailash Kora is not for the weak of body and mind
One wonders wherefrom the Sherpas their resolve find
To have seen them at work is poetry in graceful motion
Did they partake a magic elixir or  was it Shiva’s potion?

And as I must now my words lay to rest
Surely there is more unsaid  that is their best
Let us join palms in gratitude and in a collective chorus
Salute our Sherpas for they are far more than any of us


Cheenu Srinivasan

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