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"The journey of a lifetime that all human beings should have made once"

The Holy Mt. Kailash is situated at a height of 6714 m (22156 ft) above sea level. For four major religions of the world, i.e. Buddhism, Jainism, Bonpo (a religion prior to Buddhism in Tibet) and Hinduism, Mount Kailash is the sacred place of utmost reverence. For the Buddhists, Kailash is the center point of the universe. For the Jains, Kailash is the Mount Ashtapada, a very holy place of pilgrimage. For the Bonpo followers, Kailash is the nine-faced swastika mountain and is constantly emanating great power. For the Hindus Kailash is the Sumeru Parvat, the throne of Lord Shiva and the spiritual center of the world around which all the earthly powers revolve. If there are heavenly abodes on earth, Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake are to be treasured as the most celestial. This region gives birth to four great Asian rivers the Indus, Brahmaputra, Ganges and Sutlej. "As the dew is dried up the morning sun light, so are the sins of human beings cleansed up by the sight of the Himalayas, where Lord Shiva lived and where the Ganga falls from the foot of Vishnu like the slender thread of a lotus flower. There are no mountains like the Himalayas, for in them are Holy Mt. Kailash and lake Manasarovar."  We take you to the most fascinating Kora (Circumambulation) of Kailash on foot, crossing the high pass Dolma La 5636 m (18600 ft) above sea level. So as you trek around Mt. Kailash you enjoy the grand views on both sides of the valley and Mt. Kailash from all directions. We also take you for the parikrama (circumambulation) of Manasarovar Lake by jeep and visit some of the Gompas and holy site on the shore of the lake. It is indeed a rare opportunity and privilege for all devotees who have been dreaming to be close to the home of the Gods in this world. We invite you to join one of our tours to this holy region with it’s dazzling beauty of nature.

Trip Itinerary

Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Drive to Naylam (125km/3750m)
We depart early in the morning at 05:00 hours from our hotel to Naylam on the famous Arniko Highway. The drive to the frontier check post of Kodari will take us approximately 5 hours and from there to Naylam will take us another 2/3 hours. Overnight will be at simple lodging with basic facilities. (Alternatively depending on the time we reach Naylam, Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 02: Acclimatization day.
Explore the surrounding of Nyalam village and the remainder of the day to help our bodies acclimatize to the high altitude.

Day 03: Drive to Saga (250km/4600m)
After breakfast, we drive down to kilometer marker 615 and drive past Khunnmen Tso, Sinling and Karru Ochen Tso to Paigut Tso. We will have great views of Tibet's highest mountain, the mihgty Mt. Shishapangma (8012 m.). We stop here briefly to rest and take pictures before continuing our drive from the western side of the lake then turn north before reaching Saga. Saga Dzong is an uninteresting Chinese Army Camp and we will make camp nearby. Overnight in guesthouse / camp

Day 04: Drive to Paryang (185km/4750m)
After breakfast, we continue our drive across the vast Tibetan plateau, headling west on the left bank of the Matseng Tsangpo River through the villages of Shue. Overnight in guesthouse / camp

Day 05: Drive to Manasarovar Lake (210kms/4560m).
Today's drive, mostly over 15500 ft is enriched with scenic beauty, which compensates the very tedious, and at time horrifying drive. From far away appears the goal of our expedition. The Holy Kailash in front of us and north of it the Gurla mandhata. We shall camp for the next three days on the shore of the Holy lake of Manasarovar just below the reconstructed Chiu Gompa. Overnight in guesthouse / camp.

Day 06: We start our Parikarma of Mt.Kailas, after an early breakfast, and it will take a good part of 1/2 day for us to complete. Those of you, not making the Parikarma, will move a short distance, to Lake Manasarovar where we can perform our ablutions & prayers to Lord Shiva. Incase of driving condition of southern route we shall undertake day excursions along the lake from Chiu-Gompa. Overnight in guesthouse / Camp.

Day 07: Drive to Darchen (35 kms/4500m)
This day we precede further west up to Darchen, our Base-Camp of Kailash parikrama. Darchen, at the foot of the Holy Mountain consists of a simple guesthouse for Indian mastery. Here we shall meet our yak men with their yaks, which will be used to transport our tents and personal gear during the parikrama. Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 08: Trek to Dirapuk (18 kms/4750m)
This days walk is technically not at all difficult, gaining altitude very gradually. the holy mountain is not always visible during the parikrama, the view being blocked by other rocky mountains in between. At a moderate pace we should reach our camping place just below Diraphuk gompa in about 8 hours.Overnight in guesthouse / Camp.

Day 09: Trek to Zethulphuk (20 km/4850m)
The most difficult, also most rewarding day lies ahead of us. In about 4 hours march we gain 2000 ft height to reach the highest point of parikrama at Dolma la (18150ft). For non-trekkers it is advisable to hire a yak, hough uncomfortable to sit o, for this limb. The feeling of reaching this point can hardly be described in workds. Just below the Dolma - La lies the Gauri Kunda, mostly frozen. From her ethe trail goes steep downhill and is advisable to make the rest of the walk to our camp on foot than riding yaks. About 4 hours from Dolma La will bring us to our camping place on a plateu next to a crystal clear stream. Note: the trail downward from Dolma La goes mostly over large rock boulders and it can be tiring, jumping from one rock to the other. Overnight in guesthouse / Camp.

Day 10: Trek back to Darchen then drive to Manasarovar.
A leisurely walk over Zuthulphuk Gompa is 15 k.m to Darchen, wher the great Tibetan yogi Milarepa (1041-1123) is believed to have mediated brings us back to Darchen to Darchen all Kailash Kora is 53 k.m. Same day drive back to Manasarovar. Overnight in guesthouse / Camp.

Day 11: Drive back to Paryang.
After breakfast we drive back to paryang. Overnight in guesthouse / Camp.

Day 12: Drive back to Saga.
Drive back to Saga.

Day 13: Drive back to Nalyam.
Drive via Shegar and Tingri to Nalyam. Overnight in guesthouse.

Day 14: Drive back Kathmandu (157 km 5-6hr).
We leave Tibet and drive along the Bhotekosi River, reaching Kathmandu in the late afternoon. Overnight in Hotel.

Cost Includes/Excludes

Cost Includes

  • Trekking guide
  • Trekking permit

Cost Excludes

  • Nepal Visa fee
  • International Air fare

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