Sunkoshi rafting starts from Baseri (dolalghat) and end at Chatara, requiring 08 to 09 days. Baseri is 3 hours drive from Kathmandu to the east. Among many advantages of a long river trip, one is a pleasant diversity of things within a short span of time with a chance to see 250 different species of orchids and 400 species of birds available around the basin. 4-5 graded Wild River in east Nepal. Challenging one. Tour not recommended in the months February to April.

The warm water of Sun Koshi surges for 270 kms, there are dozens of adrenaline pumping big rapids and miles of calm water to reflect on this beautiful area with scenery. There is not any road and town between starting and ending point. Sun Koshi means "River of gold" perhaps named after the gold, that is found from the river gravel or alternatively it refers to the orange color of the water in the monsoon when it is thick with flood.